Possibility to organize guided excursions

The structure of Bessali Safa is located in a truly enviable logistical position, in the immediate vicinity of many places of interest. For this reason, each customer will have the opportunity to request the support of the staff of the structure for the organization of excursions and guided tours of all kinds. You can create a specific itinerary or rely on some of those already created by the staff of La Terrazza di Empedocle that touch the main points of interest of the surrounding areas, really of great beauty.

Bathroom in the room

Each room in the Terrace of Empedocle has a bathroom in the room, which allows the customer who decides to stay here to have every type of comfort in the room, for a vacation of total relaxation. In the bathroom there is everything you need and you can find the tub or shower, depending on the room. In the bathroom, finally, also a courtesy kit that allows you to have at your disposal all the mini products that may be needed in the bathroom such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.

Air Conditioning

The entire structure of Bessali Safa is equipped with air conditioning. An air conditioner is also present in each room, so that the customer can decide for himself what kind of temperature he prefers to have in the room. The air conditioning system allows you to adjust the temperature both hot and cold, making the place hospitable in any season according to the specific needs of the customer who will be able to adjust the temperature as he wants, without any additional cost compared to those that are the classic rates of stay.

Hair dryer

Each room at La Terrazza di Empedocle is equipped with a hair dryer, which allows guests to avoid having to load their suitcase with the weight of this important accessory, but also to have more space for clothes and other things, since the hair dryer is located directly in the structure. These are professional hair dryers, able to quickly dry even the most unruly hair. The speed and intensity of the heat can be adjusted so as to allow the customer to use the hair dryer in the most appropriate way for their specific needs.

POS service for payments in the structure

All the stays of the clients at La Terrazza di Empedocle can be paid in cash or by pos for payments in the structure. This allows you to have an additional means of payment very convenient that allows you not to run any risk, a risk that instead you can run when you bring too much cash. With pos you can also pay the costs of organized guided tours that you decide to make.

Wi-Fi internet connection

Throughout La Terrazza di Empedocle there is a free wifi internet connection available to guests. The signal is excellent and is well received both inside the rooms and in the common areas. In this way, every guest can stay connected and check not only their mail and social profiles but also watch movies and videos in the evening, when you relax in your room after a long day of culture and fun. There are no limits to the number of devices that can be connected.